Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Catchup

From He to It
Cosmo is now an It.

The kitten, who turns five months old in September, was fixed and returned home staggering but seemingly happy to be here.

My stepdaughter showed me a YouTube video about a cat that had obviously underwent its own surgery. The video was of the cat trying to get rid of the effects of anesthetic. My stepdaughter was killing herself laughing.

I suppose we could have shot our own video of Cosmo post-surgery, but I didn’t find it funny. I felt sorry for the guy who kept trying to jump but falling back down, who walked like he had too much to drink and who spent a lot of time not being able to do what he wanted to do.

The next day, the effects wore off and he was back to his old self, albeit a little calmer.

Wedding Day
We went to my cousin’s wedding in Gatineau, Quebec, on the weekend. I do confess I was completely stressed out about the drive and leaving poor Cosmo by himself after surgery.

I shouldn’t have worried.

My guy was fantastic in the car. We made two stops on the way there, both more than a hour long, and three stops on the way back. He laughed and played, read his books, coloured, played with stickers and chatted.

He had a complete meltdown as we were turning on our street. He screamed and cried and hit and refused to get out of the car.

I can’t say I blame him. If I wasn’t more than 30 years older than my guy, I would have behaved the same way.

Cosmo was also fine. My neighbour came in at least twice a day and spent at least a half a hour each time cuddling and playing with the kitten.

I think Cosmo was sorry we didn’t stay away longer.

Off to College
My stepdaughter is off to college this weekend. She is moving into residence.

I am excited for her. College, and residence living, was such a wonderful time in my own life that I am happy she has finally reached this new chapter in her’s.

I remember my mom telling me she remembered lying in bed after dropping me off at residence and realizing how many things she forgot to tell me.

I have my own list for A., which includes how to spot a cult, content insurance and the need to get enough iron in her diet.

Last Weekend of Summer
It’s Labour Day this weekend, which means the end of summer vacation for school kids and the unofficial end to summer for everyone else.

I have been reading many blogs by women who have talked about the end of summer for a couple of weeks now. Why are kids going to school in August? Does that mean they are out earlier in June or do they have longer breaks during the school year. Answers?

Weekend Weather

Sadly, this weekend’s weather is suppose to be cool and rainy. Rain likely can be blamed on Hurricane Earl. The cold? I am not sure whom we can blame but I am not happy about it.


Anonymous said...

Love the matching outfits on the 'guys!' I think some kids go back to school earlier so they are out earlier due to the heat of summer in their areas. That's definitely not the case where I live! But, contrary to to that, when living in the Yukon, kids got out early June because the sun was up so much longer. Conclusion: climate dictates school schedule. :)

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Matthew had his first day of pre-school yesterday and my niece started back Monday gone. I think part of why the children here start earlier is due to hurricane season. So like Lynn said, climate.

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy

Nicole said...

My kids were back to school today. Last year they went back to school August 27 because the World Skills competition was here and the school board wanted the older students to be able to go and watch. We had three extra days off throughout the year to compensate.

Anonymous said...

My new horse had a run in with a porqupine and I took her to the vet... She was so funny when they knocked her out! They gave her a half dose and she was staggering around like she was drunk