Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday+Blogs of Note

It’s Friday everyone.

Yah. Happy Friday.

I don’t have much to talk about today so I thought I would chat about others instead.

I didn’t blog much in the month of August because I was vacationing, then I was sick, then I had a few days off prior to my cousin’s wedding last weekend.

While I missed writing and reading everyone’s comments about my writing, I also missed reading the blogs I follow.

I am now following quite a few blogs. And while I have come to realize blogging etiquette suggests if someone follows you, you need to follow back, I don’t agree.

It makes me happy when someone follows me, however, I will only follow back if I enjoy your blog and plan to read it on a consistent basis.

So while I try to read all the blogs I follow on a daily basis, when it’s time to play catchup, the following list, in no particular order, are the ones I will read past postings as well.

Check them out:
This blogger is fantastic. She loves chickens and long-horned cows. She is an amazing photographer who takes unique engagement shots. I never tire of her blog.

This blogger took a break and now is back. I missed her while she was gone. I like her writing and what she writes about.

This blogger says she wasn't a cook but boy, everything looks fantastic. And she takes great food photos, which is a real skill.

This blogger has a Halloween countdown on her blog. She collects witch items, she is a fantastic cook and photographer and I never tire of reading her blog.
This blogger is a longtime friend, but I love this blog because I learn so much about her interesting life in the jungle.
I never tire of this woman's posts. She is a fantastic writer who easily gets her thoughts across. I also like that she appreciates her family and being together.


Anonymous said...

Keeping up can be hard! I'm re-opening my writing blog this week and hope to get a schedule going in Google Reader. I'll check out your favourites too. Thanks!

Mz-Cellaneous said...

Aww.. thank you Lisa you are so sweet!! *hugs*

I'm going to look at your links because I've found that if someone likes my blog, then I usually like to read what they read!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

awwww..thanks! this is so sweet of you!

Me, Myself and Pie said...

Awww, you're so sweet! ;-)

It can be SO hard to keep up with blogs, I agree. Especially when trying to find time to blog yourself.

Lady Mama said...

Thanks Lisa! It's good to be back catching up with blogs too.

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Missed you Mama!!! Glad you're well. Great list of blogs here. So happy to have you back!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

Christina Lee said...

Welcome back! I wish people were more honest about that kind of stuff! It's refreshing to hear...

Small Burst said...

Funny how there is this unwritten blog etiquette. I don't feel bad if someone doesn't follow me and I follow them. I think for the most part, most seasoned bloggers understand this concept and those who aren't playing a numbers game.