Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (Scream of Joy)

The celebrities – movie, music and sports – have come out to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and so, too, have the fans.

I love movies. I often spend my hour-long commute spending the money I would make if I was a celebrity.

I don’t, however, want to be a celebrity.

Other than my inability to act, make music and play sports, the main reason why I couldn’t be a celebrity is I wouldn’t want to be followed by screaming, shouting, gasping fans, and the photographers who capture my every moment for those same people.

I heard one person tell a radio reporter yesterday the reason he stands on the red carpet or outside a hotel room is so he can catch a glimpse of an actor and make a connection.

Do people really believe this is a connection?

Does meeting one’s eye count for a connection? Say it went further and you had an actor stop and chat with you, hug you for a picture or sign an autograph, is this considered a connection? Will this person remember you among the hundreds he meets each day?

To be truthful, there are a few people I would like to meet.

However, I am not interested in a quick wave and a dashing smile. I would want to sit down with a hot chocolate, a homemade cookie – or six – and get to know you and your family.

I would want to ask questions and see you in action.

I would want a real connection.


Anonymous said...

I 'see' myself chatting with John Mayer, or Jake Gyllenhall, or Angela Jolie, but know in the situation I'd probably just be like every other 'screaming' fan, too nervous to form the words.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Like you I love movies and movie stars and would want a real connection if I were to ever meet one. That being said, it was kinda thrilling to listen to Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones when they introduced Kurt Douglas at his book reading some years ago.

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy

Christina Lee said...

Yeah, I don't think it's a true connection! And I never wanted to be famous either, just do something I am proud of and be happy!

Nicole said...

I'm not too interested in celebrities - mostly because I generally don't know who any of the celebrities are anymore. But I did once meet Jim Cuddy - I had my photo taken with him (WITH HIS ARM AROUND ME, SQUEEEEEEE) and that was pretty thrilling.

This Mom said...

I definitely keep up with celebrity gossip, but I'm not too interested in making a "fan connection". Although I was excited in NY to see Julia Roberts and meet Regis and Kelly.

I've actually been more excited about interviewing people I admire, like Marci Ien from Canada AM.

Some day I will make it to TIFF... as a teacher, the timing is absolutely horrible. I could try to take in some weekend festivities, but I have no energy after the first week of school!

angelina la dawn said...

agreed. 100%. i love a true connection!

Betty said...

I'm with you Lisa, I just can't understand what people get out of standing for hours just to see a movie star. I'd rather see and meet someone interesting like The Pope, The Dali Lama, Obama, etc.

Oh well, they do walk among us.....

Mz-Cellaneous said...

I don't think there are many people I'd be "squirrely" over if I met them - celebrities. I just remember that they poop like the rest of us. LOL.

Cept me. I don't poop.

Mz-Cellaneous said...

BTW... I said poop on your blog.