Monday, April 12, 2010

Don’t Panic…Yet!

I was panicking all the way to work this morning.

I was listening to the radio and one of the main stories was about Ontario's new harmonized sales tax (HST) and how it was going to effect, or not effect, renters.

In the 2009 budget, the Liberal party announced residents would get the HST, which combines the eight per cent provincial sales tax with the five per cent federal government’s goods and service tax (GST) offering a 13 per cent HST on a number of items.

According to the province’s website, 83 per cent of Ontarians will not be affected by this change of tax.

Things such as basic groceries, prepared food under $4, the HST will not hit newspapers and famine hygiene products.

However, electricity, gas, Internet fees and professional services such as hair cutting will be beginning July 1.

When I arrived to work, I looked up the above-mentioned website and felt panic subsiding a little bit.

I can still buy fruit without worrying about the HST, however, the cost of getting to work is going to be even more expensive than before. Daycare prices won’t go up but my utilities will.

Where does the government think this extra money is coming from?

My salary hasn’t gone up in years and won’t be going up any time in the near – or far – future.

OK, the panic is creeping back up.

Damn this government.

Damn the people of Toronto Centre, who elected a Liberal member of parliament (MP) in a recent byelection rather than voting in a person from any other party. This would have shown the Premier Dalton McGuinty government that Ontarians are angry with the HST and are willing to go to the polls to do so.


Stephanie :) said...

Hey hey there Lisa, ease up on us Torontonian's. We are not the route of all evil and the cause of all your problems.

Keep in mind that most of us Torontonian's will be suffering from the HST in just the same ways your are.

What happened to being thankful?

By the way HAPPY MONDAY!!!

Danielle said...

Oh man. I hate to hear that for you :(

It is such a bad economy these days..

w said...

i have no idea what this means. because i'm not in canada. but dagnabit. if you're mad at a liberal... when then so am i!

Helen McGinn said...

It's worrying when these things happen and then the politicians scratch their heads and wonder why no-one is spending anymore.......

Christina Lee said...

EEK! Hang in there!

LambAround said...

Canada is my back up plan (and it would be my #1 choice if Sexy Nerd weren't so darn stubborn!) Don't tell me things like this! :p

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Mundanemomma said...

I am panicking too. Gah! Everything is already so expensive!

Beagles 4 said...
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