Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Quitting My Day Job

I like to be creative.

Unfortunately, the desire is there but the skill is sadly lacking.

Each year, I attempt a holiday craft and each year my family graciously accepts it. My parents often hang my attempts on their tree, which is quite kind of them.
Sometimes I am successful. Other times, not so much.

I also try to be creative in other ways such as scrapbooking. However, what a page looks like in my head is often not what it looks like when, two or three hours later, I finish the design. I also handcraft cards, and I am pretty sure my family members are whispering among themselves that they wished I would just forget their birthdays.

This Christmas, I am at it again.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts.


CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I LIKE your Christmas crafts and birthday cards!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

I too like your hand crafted gifts and cards, there is something to be said for someone who takes the time.

Mundanemomma said...

I think your cards are fine! Why spend all that money on a store bought card, when the whole purpose is the thought? How much thought is in the selection of someone else's words? The reason behind a card is to express your wish that someone else has a nice birthday, and to show you remember the person. That being said, I am bad with sending cards, I often forget to mail them! So I like to think that written words via email or even spoken words via telephone do the job as equally. I am not creative either, anything creative I do is thought up by someone else.