Thursday, December 17, 2009


Why can’t workplaces get the temperature correct?

I am sitting at work with a sweater and my jacket on, wondering if I should slip out of my shoes and put on my outdoor winter boots. Often I am so cold I get all-over body shakes and I use the heat from my lunch to warm my hands and body.

Unfortunately, I can’t hold onto my lunch forever and as soon as it is consumed, the heat is gone and I am back to being frozen.

The only thing that works is to get into my car. crank the heat to high and drive for a hour. By the time I get home, I am usually warm or at least thawed. Sometimes, I require a hot chocolate and a sweater or two.

I commented to my boss this morning that I was wondering why I bother to dress up. No one can see what I wear any way so wouldn’t it make more sense for me to wear jeans, a sweater and running shoes so I could be comfortable and warm?

His response was what I was expecting - you are probably right but you can’t wear jeans.

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