Thursday, December 10, 2009

Almost Over

This has felt like an exceptionally long week. I woke up today thinking it was Friday.

Unfortunately, I was wrong and Thursday dragged by as much as the three days that preceded it. All day long I thought my work week was almost done and all day long I had to keep reminding myself that I do indeed have to get up tomorrow and face another day.

The lengthy week likely felt even longer because of yesterday’s three-hour morning commute. By the time Wednesday was done, I had spent more than four hours in the car.

Today’s weather, while much improved, caused a bit of stress because the radio announcers kept saying the roads were covered in black ice and snow squalls were likely.

I never hit either, thankfully, but people were like we were so while we were all safe, it was another long, stressful drive.

But if my week felt lengthy, I couldn’t imagine how it felt to be my friend CM, who had to return to work after being off for a year’s maternity leave.

It has been more than a month since my own return but I remember that week well.

Our long week is almost over. Thank goodness.

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