Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Experience

I just shopped at Amazon.ca. While I have purchased expensive airline tickets online, the thought of spending $10 at an organization I have never dealt with before made me a little nervous.

I tried yesterday, but the movie I was trying to purchase was only available through a third party, which I didn’t like. How do I know who the third party is and whether I will be ripped over and never receive what I ordered?

So after speaking to my coworker, who pointed me to the website in the first place, I decided to try it again. He suggested sticking with new items from Amazon.ca, which he has never had a problem with.

So while my little guy was sleeping, I logged back into my account and shopped away.
It was fun, easy to use and my gifts will arrive in time for Christmas. If I hated wrapping, there was also a gift-wrapping service.


Betty said...

I have NEVER shopped on the internet. Must give it a try.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I LOVE shopping online. It's fun to browse store to store, or rather site to site, with no one staring and pestering me to buy something I don't want.