Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lions and elephants, oh my

Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s crown jewels. A wilderness area of massive proportions where you can see unspoiled landscapes and Africa’s incredible wildlife. You will meet some of the friendliest people and experience wild, open spaces that have disappeared from most of the planet. It’s an amazing natural resource that everyone should have the opportunity to experience.”

So begins Warren Cartwright's book Self-Guided Safaris in Kruger National Park ( The book is designed for the iPad but can be purchased for both the kindle and kobo.

I saw the iPad version of the book and it's amazing. It is an interesting read, full of fantastic information, interactive maps and breath-taking photos. I loved the map that offered a moving view on just how far away South Africa is from my neck of the woods and the photo galleries that showed not only the animals that Cartwright has photographed during his trips to the park, but also the birds and reptiles.

In this book, Cartwright gives you a great overview of Kruger National Park – what to expect and how things work - tips on how to spot game and the different things you can do while at the park including golfing, enjoying a braai (a South African barbecue and an experience Cartwright suggests you try at least once) and swimming at one of the many rest areas.

Personally, the idea of getting out of my car and walking through the park to get up close with lions and elephants – regardless of whether you are with a trained and armed guard - made me feel rather sick. Note to self, I will not be doing that tour, nor the one where you can bike the park. And if I ever have the opportunity to go to Kruger – and this books makes me really want to do so – I will stick to driving, with my windows rolled up.

Cartwright wrote the book to give people all the information they would need to organize a self-guided trip to Kruger National Park, which is often a cheaper and more rewarding way to go than an organized tour group. With a self-guided trip to the park, you get to choose where you want to go and for how long you want to stay. You dictate the choices of your entire trip.

In the end of his introduction, Cartwright says: “Over the years I have come to fall in love with South Africa – its people, their culture, the wildlife and its wild spaces. I hope that through this book many more of you can come to experience this amazing place, and venture off to explore it.”

Cartwright has traveled the globe and seen some exotic and beautiful locations. South Africa has called him back over and over and when you read this book and look at the pictures, you can see why.

Visit for more on the book. Visit and for more of Cartwright's spectacular photos.

Note: Warren Cartwright is my brother, but the opinions are mine and are not influenced by the fact we come from the same gene pool.

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