Monday, June 11, 2012

Random Thoughts Monday

- It's been said of the people who claim they can't swallow pills that that inability is all in their heads, that there is no physical reason they can't swallow a pill, particulary small ones.

That may be, but I have a small pill lodged in my throat and I threw up the other one.

- My stepdaughter graduated from college on Thursday, earning herself a spot on the Dean's List along the way. She is likely moving to Ottawa, Ontario, in September with her boyfriend, finding work and completing her degree online. I am proud of her and excited for the new journey she is about to take.

- I grew up in a small town and when I was younger, the next biggest town, about 10 minutes away, had shops but if we wanted something specific, we had to drive at least 40 minutes to find a mall. I now live in a small town and after 10 years, the biggest town, about 15 minutes away, has most of the things I am looking for. In fact, I just finished Father's Day shopping without having to drive 40 minutes to the largest mall.

- That same bigger town also allowed me to find work sandals I like. It's really a shoe miracle as I have tried on about three dozen pairs and disliked them all.

- On the note of shoes, those sandals are called Taos. My sister-in-law called them surprisingly (for me) girly, while I call them comfortable, functional and practical, offering me the ability to wear them both casually and for work. The perfect pair of shoes.  Visit for details.

- Summer is here. I am excited for the heat and the relaxed atmosphere it brings, but sad as my guy is registered for kindergarten, has attended a welcome to kindergarten program and has visited his potential classroom twice. September will come faster than I will like.

- The kitten ate my cord for my camera. You can't leave anything out for this cat.


CoconutPalmDesigns said...

- Sorry about the pills. I need to swallow them mixed in something thick like yogurt or pudding to get them down.

- Congrats to A and M!!! And good luck in Ottawa.

- Super congrats on the sandals! Which pair did you get? Is it shown on their website?

- I'm looking forward to coming back to Canada and not having to drive forever, like to Mexico, to get everything I need. :-)

- I completely feel your pain about school starting. I'm not looking forward to that either.

- Poor Cosmo must have a tummy ache now. Hee hee hee

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Nicole said...

Love the randomness!

One of the reasons I don't think I could live in a small town is I like amenities within a 10 minute loop!

Mundanemomma said...

Even living in the city, you still have to drive at least ten minutes to get stuff you want because of traffic and lights!