Monday, June 4, 2012

All That is Old is New Again

I was mentioning to a friend that when it comes to children's toys, everything that was once popular, at some time, becomes popular again.

My older brother knew all the dinosaur names when he was a kid and now my guy and his friends enjoy reading dinosaur stories and wearing dinosaur clothes. My younger brother had a collection of Transformers and, thanks to the movies, many of this generation of kids are playing with Bumblebee and his friends.

The same can be said for girl toys - Barbies, Hello Kitty and Disney princesses were around when I was a kid and now my niece is playing with them, too.

My husband commented it is rare to find Lego or other building block sets at garage sales, likely because people save these collections for their grandchildren.

Enter another sick day Friday. My guy was again at home and we pulled out some of the old stuff - Knex, Ker-Plunk, Sorry and marbles. We played with Tinker Toys and Jacks - all that is old is new again.


Mz-Cellaneous said...

tinker toys were the BEST. I swear we found those wooden wheels for years after we quit playing with them. lol

Nicole said...

Ker-plunk! That's awesome. Strawberry Shortcake, the theme of my childhood, has made QUITE the comeback. She's not quite as wholesome looking as she once was though.