Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Exciting and Not Exciting News

Exciting news, people.
On Saturday night I received seven hours of sleep – the first time in two years.

Now I can’t say it was seven hours in a row. I got up once to pee. While I usually get up at least once a night to relieve a full bladder, I am often still sleeping when I do so.

Not Saturday night. I woke up and thought, ‘I hope I can fall back to sleep.’

I did but it meant I didn’t get seven hours uninterrupted sleep. But I did get seven hours of almost uninterrupted sleep. I woke up feeling pretty rested. That feeling went away almost immediately, but it felt good waking up refreshed.

Oh Christmas Tree
We got our Christmas tree Saturday. I am a fan of cut your own. We went to a farm, had a wagon ride and found the perfect tree.

Sunday morning, after securing it to the wall with fishing line, we decorated it.

Saturday night’s sleep wasn’t as great as I was every couple of hours watering it and retrieving Cosmo, the kitten, from its base.

The good news is other than finding ornaments strewn across the living room, the tree is still standing and nothing has been broken.

The Not-So-Exciting News
We had a first snowfall yesterday and as such I had my first awful drive into work. Two and a half hours later, I finally sat down at my desk.
To winter driving. Blah.


Eva Gallant said...

Lisa, your photo of the cat and the Christmas lights is adorable! What a great Christmas card it would make! Glad you were able to get some good sleep; it's no fun feeling tired all the time. I just stopped by from SITS to say hello. Hope you find time to do the same.

Nicole said...

That is exciting news! Sleep is always great news, yay!!!

Kita said...

We'll be getting our tree this weekend, and it will be the first time my kittens have a tree in this house. I can't wait to see the adventures they get into - haha. I am so not ready for snow yet! Thanks for stopping by on my SiTs day!

Lady Mama said...

Getting that first good night of sleep is the best thing, isn't it. About two weeks ago (touch wood) my youngest (nearly two) started sleeping through the night. What a difference!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Yeah for seven almost uninterrupted hours of sleep. If you ever figure out how to keep feeling refreshed please let me know!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns