Thursday, March 18, 2010

It’s 18 C Today (AKA 64 F)

It’s going to be a warm one today.

The local meteorologist is saying the temperature is going to reach 18 C today, which is about 64 F for our American friends.

Apparently 18 degrees is close to breaking a record set in 1966, when the mercury reached 18.9.

Record breaking or not, it’s going to 18 degrees with sunshine.

Bring it on.


Danielle said...

Whoo hoo. It is 60 degrees here too!! Loving it! Enjoy the Sun!

Betty said...

It might have been 18 today but by the lake it wasn't..... if it hit 18 that wind sure brought the temp down. I needed my jacket on but still enjoyed those rays. Got my Vit D today plus some. LOL