Monday, March 29, 2010

A…Yah…I Have a Problem...

My 17-month-old loves the computer.

For his first birthday, my Dad (Popa) got him real keyboard, which he loved until he realized mine actually worked.

Now he will take his keyboard off the desk, drop it on the floor and point to mine, which I have put far out of his reach.

I would imagine he likes mine better because it actually does things– one button turns on the search function, another button pulls up the Internet and email. When he types and Word is up, characters appear on the page, and if you hold down a key long enough, it beeps.

It’s all quite exciting for a toddler.

The baby has done key commands that I didn’t know existed - and can’t repeat - such as locking the keyboard or, as happened last night, somehow changing the monitor setting.
Let me explain.

I have a wide-screen monitor. It’s fantastic. I can see the entire web page without having to scroll from side to side.

Not any longer.

My little guy has somehow made the page go in the opposite direction.

So instead of my page being more wide then long, it’s now more long then wide. It’s like my son has turned the screen so the top is shorter than the sides. But the physical screen is still wider than it is long so in order to see the page, you have to twist your.

The mouse is hard to use as well, likely because the screen is going in the wrong direction.

Does this make sense?

Can anyone tell me how to fix it?


Danielle said...

Oh no. Of course he likes yours better mommy. LOL

Okay... I am no computer wiz; so I may be wrong. But I have had this problem with my computer before, and there are usually some buttons at the bottom on underneath the monitor that change that kind of settings. I dont know which buttons, just play around with em. LOL

Acting Balanced Mom said...

It sounds like he got into the control panel... you can access all the display controls from in there... I'd head in and look for the display settings and look for a return to default settings... My laptop also has screen settings at F7... he may have hit that to change it...

If you want to encourage him to play on something educational, try's online fun and games section - my sons faves at that age were the alphabet zoo game and the peek a boo game...

stopping by from SITS - hope you can get it fixed

Alex said...

ALL FIXED ! :) and waiting or you when you get home.
LOve you.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Alex is my hero!

Lis, you better let Alex show you how she fixed it so when E does it again you can just change it back. lol

This is one of the reasons Matthew is not allowed to touch my computer, he screws it up. Well, that and the fact that he popped off one of the keys on my keyboard.


LisaDay said...

Thankfully, Alex fixed it so the little guy won't be able to break it again. Thanks, Alex.


Christina Lee said...

om my ....scratching my head over taht one!