Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It was Raining, It was Pouring

It was raining this morning so I sat in traffic for an extra half an hour.

However, I was thankful it was just rain.

Yesterday, the weather forecasters were predicting freezing rain north of the city, which is where I call home.

I don’t mind snowstorms. I can handle rain. But I hate freezing rain. As one local DJ commented on the radio last night, ‘What can you do with freezing rain?’

Slid, skid, loose control, crash. That is what you can do with freezing rain.


Christina Lee said...

It was raining cats and dogs here too! But today: SUN!!! OH how I missed you!

Divine Mrs D said...

Ugh! Freezing rain is the worst. Freezing rain and hail. Blah.

Stopping by from SITS!

Jessica said...

Stopping from SITS! Im your newest follower!