Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dad and Daughter Dinner

Saturday marks the 16th annual Dad and Daughter Dinner.

The tradition of my Dad and I going out for dinner started in my first year of college.

I had won a gift certificate at local bar for the best Halloween costume (I was Darkwing Duck, one of Disney’s great cartoons) and I invited my Dad to join me for dinner.

We had a great time talking, just the two of us.

We decided to make it an annual event, a time once a year that Dad and Daughter could spend some quality time together.

The first year, I paid for dinner with my gift certificate and Dad paid the tip. The following year, Dad picked the restaurant, paid for dinner and I picked up the tip, switching each year after that.

I am sure most restaurants were good, some were probably not as great, but regardless of where we go the best thing about the Dad and Daughter Dinner is taking my Dad’s arm and enjoying the company of a man I love very much.


Danielle said...

tHAT is such a great idea. I may have to steal that for me and my dad.


Betty said...

Your a very lucky person to be able to have a father daughter dinner together.

I lost my father to cancer when I was only 20 but the time I did have with my Dad are memories I have and will never forget.

Cherish those dinners and enjoy every date with your dad.

Alissa said...

That's a great tradition. I have to say, I've never seen a Darkwing Duck costume, so you totally deserved to win that contest!

Divine Mrs D said...

That is a great tradition. I wish I could do that with my dad. :) Maybe when my family moves closer.

Stopping by from SITS!

The Mommyologist said...

Sounds like a great tradition to me! Wish my dad lived closer so we could do something like that.