Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend From Hell

What a weekend.

This past weekend was supposed to be the big date. Instead, my son and I went off to my parents’ house by ourselves, while my husband stayed home and tried to fix our water crisis.

That is to say, we didn’t have any.

We are on the well and thought the pressure tank finally had its last click but turns out not only was the presssure tank done, but the well’s pump also had to be replaced. So almost $1,000 later, we still have no pressure and the water still smells like sulphur and has a lovely brown tinge, but we do have it and that’s a good thing.

So with my husband at home, my son played with Nana while Papa and I went off to see Harry Potter. Poor Dad, he not only hasn’t read any of the books, but he has only seen the first one, and he thought Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince was the last movie. Despite all that, and a lot of teenaged snogging, Dad said he liked the movie.

I, too, liked it for what it was - a Harry Potter movie that is setting the scene for the final book/movie.

While it wasn’t my favourite movie - Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix has that honour - it was an enjoyable two and a half hours. Many of my favourite scenes in the book were in it (and quite humourous), there were some added scenes and many parts had been taken out. As expected, I am extremely excited for the last movie, or two.


CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I completely feel for you about the water situation. Isn't it tonnes of fun?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the water situation, and no date with hubby. But, overall, sounds like you had a nice day after all.

You can always make another date with hubby.

Mundanemomma said...

Yikes, having no water is worse than no electricity! That really sucks that you missed out on your date, these things are so important... I still have yet to see the movie, it doesn't seem like we will be seeing it anytime soon either, perhaps next weekend. And yes, there are TWO more movies to go!