Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unneighbourly Conduct

I was quite disgusted about a recent event on my street.

Our street is private. Each homeowner pays dues for the upkeep of the boat launches, grass cutting in the parks and access to an outdoor tennis court. According to the property association, you must pay these dues in order to use the lake access, the park and, where this story is going, the playground equipment.

There are not a lot of children on our street any more. Most of the “kids” are now heading off to university and there are only a couple of younger children on the street. Our poor little guy will have to drive into town to meet friends.

I meet these wonderful couple, O and VB, and their 10-month-old son P, who have rented a cottage on the street behind us. It was OB who told me that my son is old enough to use the baby swing, and he loves it. The B family often bike or walk to the swings so P can enjoy the swinging sensation.

Apparently someone on our street has a problem with that.

On the weekend, an older woman came up to the B family and told them they can’t come onto our street and use the swings. Apparently, she said she pays for these services and as the B family does not, they are not welcome.


First off, she alone does not pay for these services, everyone has paid his share. Perhaps, and only perhaps, if there was a lineup of children looking to use the swing, then maybe then this horrible woman could tell a baby he wasn’t allowed on. OB told me the woman sat there and waited for them to leave. As you can imagine, OB felt dreadful for her little guy.

This young family is looking at buying a house in the neighbourhood. We are small area of only a few streets. Regardless of which street one calls home, we are all neighbours and this is not how we treat our neighbours. This woman should be ashamed of herself.

I am disgusted by her behaviour and horrified for the B family.
As a resident of this street, I welcome the B family to keep on swinging.


Betty said...

Unfortunately, there is always ONE in the neighbourhood. Just ignore her, or better still, tell her off.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I'm with Betty! Tell her off and if you don't want to you know I am always good for doing that for you! Just give me her address and I'll send her a nasty letter.

Just rude!