Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Complaining about PC credit card

I have a President’s Choice Mastercard.

I signed up for the credit card because we do most of our shopping at No Frills and I like the idea of getting points and eventually free groceries. Plus, the man said we would get $20 in free groceries when we signed up.

So I read the contract, signed it and asked for my free grocery coupon. It was to come when I got the credit card, he said. OK. Only it didn’t. It ended up coming with my first statement instead. And it wasn’t $20 in free groceries either.

OK, technically it was.

But I so annoyed by what we actually received that I was going to cancel the card. I received four $5-off coupons, which I could use when I spent more than $50.

Although still $20 in free groceries, it was not what was implied when we signed up for the card. I was expecting a coupon for $20 in free groceries so I could stock up on items we needed or buy something frivolous and fun - like an expensive steak.

I am actually unimpressed with the entire President’s Choice points system.

I am sure I am not the only one who dislikes the idea of a credit card. It makes me nervous, particularly since the interest rate is crazy - almost 20 per cent.

I like Sobey’s loyalty card better. With the Sobey’s card, you simply swipe it each time you make a purchase, collect points to earn free groceries. I only shop at Sobey’s when things are on sale and I already have $5 off a future purchase.

If the Westons’ want more people to shop at their grocery stores, they may want to ditch the credit card idea and jump on board with a loyalty card.

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