Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Ultimate in Cleaning

It’s called The Ultimate Coth and it’s guaranteed five years of general use.

So I am not sure if I should be embarrassed about my bad housekeeping skills or proud that I have destroyed The Ultimate Cloth in five months.

I think I am a little bit of both.

I received The Ultimate Cloth for Christmas from my parents. This unimpressive looking white cloth claims an “exclusive MiraFiber technology” that cleans, chemical free, with just water. According to the package, it can clean windows and mirrors, blinds, walls, chrome, vinyl and leather, stainless steal, granite and marble as well as shower doors, soap scum and more. “Hundreds of uses”, it says.

It’s true.

I live in a house of windows and I have tried window cleaner and vinegar and water with newspaper. The Ultimate Cloth cleans better than both without cleaners - and streak free. I have cleaned my stainless steal microwave, walls and mirrors by running The Ultimate Cloth under water, wringing it out and cleaning away.

And within five months, my white Ultimate Cloth doesn’t come clean, even with bleach.
While it still leaves surfaces clean and streak free (except the bathroom mirror for some reason. While it comes clean after drying, the mirror’s surface looks funny when washed), The Ultimate Cloth has certainly taken a beating at my house.

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