Friday, May 15, 2009

Singing the praise of Sick Kids

When our son was one month old, he was airlifted to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

Those first few days were dreadful as we watched our little guy struggle to live - his heart racing and skipping at 240 beats per minutes, double what it should have been.

While we were petrified our son’s heart would be damaged beyond repair if it didn’t stop working so hard, we never doubted the care or expertise of the doctors and nurses at Sick Kids.

We were constantly told by family and friends that while no one wants to darken the doors of Sick Kids, if you have to be there, the downtown facility is the best.

They were right.

Our son received constant care and so did we. Our endless questions were answered, and the nurses and doctors were patient, kind and professional.

Once our son was stabilized we were moved out of the cardiac intensive care unit to the cardiac unit. Despite the nurses having multiple patients, we never felt our son was not receiving the best care.

Almost two weeks after being admitted to the hospital, we were sent home - glad to be going but worried.

Our little guy will be seven months old in a couple of days and while we still worry, we know he is better. We also know that if we need to, care and compassion will be found at Sick Kids.

Sick Children’s Hospital information

PS-A special thank you to Markham Stouffville Hospital for the care they gave to our son then and now.
Markham Stouffville Hospital information

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mundanemomma said...

Hear, hear!! Sick Kids is the best,speaking from experience as well;)