Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Problem with baby clothes

If someone is looking for a way to make lots of money and keep millions of moms happy, they simply need to design baby clothing that makes sense.

I hate buying baby clothing; the experience is right up there with buying shoes.
Why are baby clothes so difficult?

The main problem is the labeling. Shouldn’t a six-month-old Gerber outfit be the same size as a six-month-old outfit from the Children’s Place?

Apparently not, and it makes purchasing clothing, sans baby, impossible and frustrating.

Other design ideas:

* Buttons the whole way down.
Take the outfit pictured here. It’s our favourite except there are only three buttons on the chest and then buttons around the legs. It means you have to pull the outfit over a child’s head and I don’t know a baby who enjoys that experience.

* No clothing that goes over the head. Babies hate it and so do their parents.

* I use cloth diapers so we need zippers that go over giant diaper bums.

* Buttons should be spaced at a good distance. I have one sleeper with buttons so far apart that my son’s foot hangs out.

* No hoods. While hoods are cute, they are a pain. I don’t like my son to sleep with hoods nor do I like them while he is in a car seat.

* Pants should have buttons down the front. The elastic waists looks nice but you have to shake the poor child to get the pants over the diaper butt and onto his waist. Designers can hide the buttons under the fake fly.


Mama Mair said...

I agree. Maybe babies need to be naked (except for diapers) all the time!
In Europe the buttons are all down the back. Again, both pros and cons about that. I had lots of hand me downs sent from overseas.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I agree with a lot of your comments but completely disagree with the hoods. I like hoods and love the way my son looks while wearing it and have actually put it up during the night a couple of times when it was really cold.

mundanemomma said...

I always found elasticized waists to be the worst. The kids always ended up in pain, from the pressure around their rotund tummies! Sleepers are best. L was in sleepers way longer than R, just cause it was so much more convenient. And none of this business of over the head either! Snaps all down the centre to the crotch, and then around the legs. I hated the ones that had snaps only down one leg! I totally get ya!

Alex said...

Make him go naked!
My brother is best "au natural"!

I think you should post an article about his butterfly ears !