Thursday, February 2, 2012

How Did this Happen?

Friday we register our son for kindergarten.

How is it that our little guy is at the age where he is going to school?

When I first realized our three-year-old will be getting on the school bus like the “big kids”, I was so sad. While I acknowledged he was likely ready to go mentally, there were a list of things he still isn’t able to do and a whole bunch of things I hadn’t yet taught him.

While he can get dressed himself, he can’t zip up his coat and he still puts his shoes on backwards. While he knows to stop at the edge of the road and look both ways before he crosses, we still need to work on letting other people talk despite having something important to say.

He still likes to nap. We leave the house at 6:10 a.m. This works out because he has at least a two-hour nap during the day. His kindergarten is all day every day. My poor guy is going to be tired.

And then there is school itself.

When my stepdaughter lived with us, it seemed like each week she was asking for money – school trips, fundraisers, pizza lunch.

My guy doesn’t get a lot of stuff. We don’t go to the grocery store and buy him a treat. On our recent Belleville trip, we went into many stores – toy, hobby, book – and he saw many things he wanted but he didn’t get anything.

But the school system seems to not only want your money, but makes you feel pressure to give your child everything because everyone else is doing it.

I suppose I will cross the money issue when it comes but I am feeling better about kindergarten readiness as two friends both told me the children don’t have to be completely self-sufficient, that there are parents in the classroom who help out.

So while I will be a little sad that my guy is starting a new chapter in his life, it will also be exciting to watch this little boy grow up to be an even bigger boy.


Mundanemomma said...

Way to get me teary! I'm remembering my two and their first days...Remember, we still have seven whole months until school! That's a long time for a little guy to learn new things and gain new accomplishments. If you can, figure out if there are any neighbours that are going to the same school, perhaps an older student who can help E on the bus and sit with him.

Christina Lee said...

Ooooh I remember that feeling two years ago. (((hugs)))

Nicole said...

Oh, it's a big change for sure! Hugs.

Lady Mama said...

I understand how you feel. It's tough watching them having to grow up when you feel they're not quite ready. But I bet he'll be just fine, and like your friends said, there'll be other kids not yet able to do everything for themselves. My son starts this year too, and he still has plenty of things to learn to do for himself.