Thursday, February 23, 2012

Have you Seen Birds? (Title taken from a fabulous kid's book)

We saw Robins yesterday.

Not just one, but a handful flying, playing, singing and chasing each other through the trees and in the puddles.

And while I am happy to see and hear these beautiful birds, I worry. The Robin, and the red-winged blackbird, are signs of spring.

And while I would love for spring to come, I am worried that winter will offer it's final blast and I – and the Robins – won't like it.


Mundanemomma said...

Can't believe you saw robins already! I was listening to the chickadees this morning, singing away and I was thinking the same thing, that spring was on its way. I could tell by the way they were singing, not the same sound they make in mid-winter. Aren't we supposed to get a storm tomorrow? Or at least Toronto?

Nicole said...

Robins already! Very exciting. Fingers crossed that means spring for you.

Lady Mama said...

We're seeing quite a few birds here at the moment. I think we've had such a mild winter here this year it's not surprising. I just hope, as you said, we don't suddenly get an unexpected dump of snow or cold weather.

Heather said...

Me too, me too! While I hate winter this crazy mild winter has everything so off kilter that it is a little disturbing.