Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Is What a House Should Look Like

It might have been the request to see a new one on this blog or the fact the kit was there waiting for me, but whatever the reason I again attempted to build a cookie house with my son.

In December 2009, I thought I would test my skills and my patience and make a gingerbread house for my son.

It was a disaster, and that is being generous.

This year, through work, I interviewed a woman who suggested people should have a gingerbread house making party rather than a traditional cookie exchange.

It would be more fun, she said, to gather your friends together, provide created gingerbread houses and decorate as they wished.

Once the interview was posted, KS said she would like to see a new gingerbread house picture posted on my blog. I didn’t think it would happen this year.

But then, this weekend, we went to the local apple orchard’s customer appreciation event and what did I spot – an apple spice cookie cottage kit. I bought it.

And this year I was smart enough to let my husband do the building and my son do the decorating.

So here you go, K, this house is for you.


Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

Gosh, I wish someone would invite me to a gingerbread house party!

Mundanemomma said...

Did you have to make the icing yourself? The kits I buy have powdered royal icing in them already that you mix up with water. I don't make my own.

Nicole said...

I think it's cute. Did you see mine? DISASTER.

WhisperingWriter said...

Mmm, that looks yummy.

Don't worry, all my houses fall down. Every. Year.

Melissa said...

At least you actually attempted the one that was a disaster. I've been too scared to even try it! Lol...though this year I think I might give it a go. We'll see if my daughter has the patience to wait for me to build it, then let her decorate it. Hope you and your family have a Happy holiday!