Thursday, December 8, 2011

Now That Was A Parade

At the last moment, we decided to take our son to the local Santa Claus parade Saturday night. I am so glad we went.

Now that was a parade.

The last parade we went to was OK. I was disappointed about the lack of effort parade participants put into their floats.

I didn’t feel the same way about this parade.

Wow, what a great time.

All but two local businesses had great floats, lit up with hundreds of Christmas lights. The local Home Hardware had four floats, which each had a live band with great musicians. A local towing company also had four floats, each different from the other.

There were lots of local service clubs such as the Scouts, the Kinettes, who were collecting for the food bank, and the Optimist Club, and there were bands, both local and from Toronto.

Local businesses were open late and handed out hot chocolate and other treats and the food bank had a barbecue going by donation.

The street was closed off so my guy could run up and down it while waiting for the parade to come to us.

I want to commend the organizers of this Santa Claus parade for creating an event that celebrated what the season is suppose to be about.

Merry Christmas.


Blue Cotton Memory said...

That light would make an awesome stocking stuffer for any age! Parades for us has been hit and miss. Ours was cancelled twice for rain!

Merry Christmas!

Nicole said...

That looks so fun! Glad you got to go to a decent parade!

Mundanemomma said...

Glad you enjoyed the parade!