Monday, March 11, 2013

It's a love-hate thing

This weekend, it felt like spring. The sun was out and you could feel the heat going through your skin, warming your bones.

That's what I love about March; the promise of spring and warmer days ahead. What I hate about March is the tease.

“Hey there, spring is almost here. The crocuses are peaking their heads out, the robins are back from their winter vacation and singing in the trees, the sun is getting stronger but just so you don't forget about me, tomorrow is going to be cold. With flurries.”

I love your beauty, March, but not your flightiness.


Kelly L said...

Looking at your beautiful pictures - made me cold... crazy when it's almost in the 80's here in sunny So. Cal... okay - you know I had to say it.. :)
Love to you - kelly
I've Become My Mother

Nicole said... always feels like spring for a couple of days, and then I remember that we can have snow until that sucks! But that's why we have to enjoy the spring days as they come!

Mundane Momma said...

I just hate spring period. The tease, the dirtiness, the ugliness, the wetness. Ugh. Roll on summer!