Friday, March 9, 2012

Catching Up

It’s taken four years, but I finally saw the first three Twilight movies.

To be truthful, I did watch the first Twilight movie with my stepdaughter likely after it came out on DVD, but I think I remembered more of it this time.

I enjoyed them. And of course, it makes me want to read the series over again.


Tara @ said...

I was ADDICTED to the books like a school girl and still havent seen all the movies! The book always blow the movies away...dont want to taint my vision of vampire sex...or lack there of!!!

Mundanemomma said...

I read the books so many times in a row that I don't think I'll ever read them again.

Kim said...

I read the first book, but never got into the rest of the series. My mom (!) and my oldest daughter, however, read all the books more than once and have seen all the movies.

Christina Lee said...

I want to re-read them just to notice different "writerly" things this time around!

Leaza in Denver said...

Hi...found you through SITS... My name is Lisa too! Although I go by "Leaza" on my blog.

I still haven't seen the Twilight movies...but I hear they are ADDICTING! :)

Happy blogging!
-Leaza in Denver