Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pretty Good….for Crackers

As most children do, my little guy loves Goldfish crackers. He was introduced to these cheesy cracker delights by my parents, but he must also get them at daycare because he can spot the ‘fish’ package half way down the grocery aisle.

I like crackers. I try to buy the most nutritionally dense, lower in fat variety and I try not to eat them too often.

My son often asks for the ‘fish’ crackers. At the grocery store I have picked up the Goldfish package, looked at the nutritional information and put them back down. They aren’t awful, but they aren’t that great either.

Saying that, we have both Goldfish and the President Choice’s Penguin variety in our house.

We now also have Bear Paws Crunchy crackers.

And they are pretty good. They are the same amount per cracker as the Goldfish and Penguins but they seem bigger and have a nice crunch to them. I thought they were shaped like moon, but my son said it was a hand – more accurately a bear paw. (Yes, I am blond, why do you ask?)

And in the nutritional department? There is one per cent more saturated fat and 10 mg more sodium than Goldfish and Penguins, but the Bear Paws have more vitamins and minerals — vitamin A, calcium, iron, folate (15 per cent), thiamine and niacin.

Dare Paws Crunchy crackers also come in original and vegetable, but I think the cheese is my family’s favourite.

So while my son will still only get crackers as a treat once in a while – usually for long car rides – I may reach for Bear Paws for him and me.


Nicole said...

My kids like the Bear Paw soft cookies, but I've never tried the crackers!

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

I received a box of these yesterday and I brought them to the park with me. Result = most kids were highly suspicious of them because they weren't shaped like fish, but once I convinced them to actually try it they ate them all up. The box was empty by the afternoon.

Losing Brownies said...

I'm all for the crackers with more vitamines! I'll have to try them. The gold fish are yum though!

Anonymous said...

Kids do love those fish crackers. When I've run out of croutons, I've used them in my salads. They may even be more healthier than the average store bought crouton!

Lady Mama said...

Funny to read this - I just today bought a pack for my son's preschool class for their snack, then brought them home afterward and tried some myself. They were good - better than fish crackers, I think. Good to know about the nutritional info too.