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Monday, July 12, 2010

Rather Ridiculous

Smart Cars are ridiculous.

Each time one of these mini vehicles pass me, I wonder why people would buy one.

They must be one of the most inconvenient vehicles around. Who are they good for?

You couldn’t own one if you had children or a dog bigger than your lap.

If you scuba dived, biked or did any other sport that required equipment, this car wouldn’t be for you. And if you would like to pick up more than a couple groceries after work, where do you put them?

But most importantly, when everyone else around you is driving pickup trucks and SUVs, do you really want to be driving a smart Car?

I don’t care how much of Mercedes-Benz safety features are in this mini-car, if you are driving one and you get hit by a one-ton pickup, the pickup is going to win.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

For the Love of Water

Water, particularly bodies of it, has always been an important part of my life.
Growing up, my house backed onto the Credit River, and I spent many hours playing in and around it.

When I went to Humber College, I had the Humber Aboretum to go to if I needed a place to relax and unwind. From there, I moved to Kingston where Lake Ontario beckoned me. In times of trouble, I would bike along the paths that ran beside the lake before finding a secluded spot to think and write.

When Stouffville was my home, I would walk Tramp, my aunt’s dog, through the reservoir, where again my worries could be put aside.

While both Milton and Pickering offered bodies of water, it was more of a drive to get to them and I tended to think while on my inline skates or bike.

And now I am here with Lake Simcoe literally outside my door, offering instant peace.